Welcome to 

Lac du Flambeau Public School

It is the VISION of the Lac du Flambeau Public School that, in a healthy and safe environment, engaged learners will make positive contributions.

It is the MISSION of the Lac du Flambeau Public School to establish a climate that defines and promotes a policy of continuous improvement that will create a safe, secure, and culturally sensitive learning environment for our entire community.


PARTNERSHIPS: We will provide a successful and quality education that will be nurtured and achieved for each student through the cooperative and joint responsibility of all Lac du Flambeau Public School staff, parents, students, and community.

CULTURAL PRIDE: We will continually strive to develop in each student a sense of pride and respect for themselves and other people, their cultures, their country, and the world.

ASPIRATIONS FOR THE FUTURE: We will help each student to realize the importance of achievement in education, and to make a responsible commitment to life-long learning through college, post secondary, and/or vocational educational experiences.

STUDENT LEARNING: We will foster in each child coping skills, critical thinking, decision-making, valuing, cooperating, character development, and learning how to learn.

SAFE AND HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT: We will be responsible to always provide a safe and secure environment; emphasizing care, understanding, and a genuine desire to help each student in the Lac du Flambeau Public School to feel important and successful to their fullest potential.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT THROUGH THE DEVELOPMENT OF A PROFESSIONAL LEARNING COMMUNITY: Every professional will engage in the ongoing exploration of ensuring all students learn through a culture of collaboration with colleagues and an ongoing focus on results.