Welcome to the Lac du Flambeau Public School 2020-21 School Registration Site

There are two ways to complete online registration:

1. Submit all form information online: this process uses all Google forms and does not require an email address or printer to complete all but one form. You will not get a copy of your responses and will need to fill out a set of forms for each student you register, but do not need an email address or printer to complete. These can be completed on any type of device (phone, tablet, or computer).

2. Submit all forms via email or print out and bring/mail to the school: this process uses fillable PDF forms that can then be submitted via email or printed and dropped off at the school. These forms also allow for registering multiple students on one form.

When your registration forms have been received by the front office, you may be asked to bring in a copy of your child's birth certificate to view (no copy needed).

Please contact the school office (715-588-3838) with any questions or issues with registration.