Covid Dashboard Updated

Covid Dashboard Updated 6/3/22

Please note that Chromebooks do require wireless Internet access to use.

This page will contain links and information for all COVID-19 information available to parents and students of the LDF School.

Safe Return to School Plan

Negative COVID Test Results: What Does It Mean

Next Steps: after you are diagnosed with COVID-19

Next Steps: while you wait for your COVID-19 test results

Next Steps: close contacts of someone with COVID-19

How to Avoid Exposure When Living with Someone Diagnosed with COVID-19

Respiratory Symptoms Chart

Return to School during COVID-19 video series

Keep Space between you and others

Don't Feel Well??

Did you wash your hands? 


Where Should you get Tested for COVID-19?

What Should I do if I was tested for COVID-19 and waiting for results?

COVID-19 Symptom Flowchart - Click to see the school algorithm

Academic Resources for Students

Nurse Angie shares the best most updated COVID 19 Resources: and

Child Abuse and Neglect during COVID-19

4/20 Remote Learning Update

Updates for LDF Families of Students w/ Disabilities

4/3/20 A Letter to our Families

Letter to LDF Families of Students with Disabilities

Parents should check their email for direct communication from the school & from teachers. Please make sure the school has your correct contact information on file either via the Infinite Campus Parent Portal or by sending an email to

Students who have online access should check their school email for personal messages from their teachers. If you are not sure how to log in to Google from home, please look at these brief instructions.

Students should also try to access their Google Classrooms for updated online activities. Google Classroom can even be accessed by some game consoles! Online activities can be done using most devices. School Chromebooks are not required but are being offered as a convenience for families.

Parents & students who need tech support either with apps or devices may send an email to and someone from the school's tech department will get back to you.


Educational Programming on PBS

Speaking to your child about the Coronavirus

Wisconsin DPI: Offers for Internet Access at Home

LDF Student Resources: These are sites used in school that most LDF students should be familiar with.

Tech Help for Families: This site was compiled by LUHS to provide quick access to numerous digital resources.

Enrichment Activities for Kids: Over 275 ideas (and growing) for online and offline activities

Virtual Field Trips

Unplugged Activities

Music Enrichment Activities - While we are not currently expecting specific work from students, we know that many students may now have a lot of time on their hands and have brains ready for learning. The attached document offers some ideas for students as they're home. This may not have been in any of our plans; but I hope in the midst of all of this, we can take time to check in with one another as we're able from a distance and come to learn even more about how great our community is when we work together. I truly am looking forward to, and am eager for the time we can all gather again. - Ms.Pankow

STEM Extended Learning

Bedtime Stories with Brandy and friends Students can enjoy stories with our favorite Therapy Dog, Brandy.